Our Principles

Maths and conceptual sciences are not the things that are invented. They are the laws of Almighty God that all the things in the Universe strictly obey. Man from time to time encountered these laws and expressed them in mathematical forms.
Conceptual sciences are not to be taken as things of trial and error but as a perfect logical system that strictly obey certain laws.

We inculcate in our students these aspects:

1. Understanding of Concepts: This is the foundation of the studies that wipes out uncertainties from the mind.

Proper understanding of concepts helps to visualize the clear path to solutions

Iqraa-IIT Coaching Institute
Iqraa-IIT Coaching Institute

2. Creating database: We encourage students to add necessary knowledge to their database. This brings confidence in them as it will act as a “phone a friend” lifeline during the exams.

3. Practicing optimum set of problems: This will eliminate the possibility of errors.